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  1. The Best Storage Solutions to Organize Your Truck

    Losing your drill somewhere in the back of your truck or got fishing gear strewn all over your cab? Organize it with premium storage devices from DU-HA!

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  2. DU-HAs: The Best Truck Accessories

    What are the most beneficial pickup truck accessories? Find what you need to make your truck even better!

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  3. Magento 2 Blog Post Sample

    Welcome to Magento 2 Blog extension by Magefan. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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  4. Roto-Molded vs Thermoformed Products

    With so much advertising and product competition out there, it can be hard to tell when you’ve found the best quality product for you. Add into that new technology and materials, and it gets even more confusing.

    Let the team here at Du-Ha assure you of at least one thing: Roto-molded truck storage devices are the highest caliber containers you can buy.

    What Is Roto-Molding vs Thermoforming?

    Roto-molding (or rotational molding) is a process in which resin is poured into a mold, heated and rotated until it evenly and seamlessly coats the entire mold. As it cools and solidifies, the end product is a near indestructible container perfectly matched to the dimensions you want.

    Roto-molding leaves no seams, nor does it waste excess material. Since the resin thoroughly fits the mold, it leaves no weak spots, not even on corners, and doesn’t require reinforcement.

    Thermoformed products, on the other hand, are

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The DU-HA Smarter Storage Guarantee

If your DU-HA pickup storage doesn’t better organize your pickup, we will buy it back, no questions asked!