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Cuddle Snug Custom Gun Carrying System for the DU-HA Humpstor or All Terrain (Sold Separately) - fits 2 rifles with scopes, two shotguns or 1 AR style rifle Part #70805

Safely secure 2 rifles with scopes, two shotguns, or 1 AR-style rifle with this made in the USA easy to install gun protection accessory. Soft material prevents gun damage, and the adjustable foam scope protectors provide extra security.

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Elevate your DU-HA Humpstor or All-Terrain storage with the Cuddle Snug Custom Gun Carrying System – the perfect accessory for gun enthusiasts. This optional add-on securely holds 2 rifles with scopes, two shotguns, or 1 AR style rifle, ensuring your firearms stay in place during transportation.

Crafted from soft material, the Cuddle Snug system prioritizes gun protection, preventing any damage to your valuable firearms. The 2-piece gun rack and adjustable foam scope protectors offer a customized fit for your weapons, with the foam piece compressing the guns when the lid is closed, providing an additional layer of security.

Worried about compatibility? Rest assured, every DU-HA storage unit comes with standard organizer/gun rack inserts at no extra charge. However, this rifle rack is optional and sold separately. Note that the standard inserts for this model won't accommodate guns with scopes, making the Cuddle Snug an ideal choice for scoped firearms. Both standard and optional gun racks are interchangeable, providing flexibility in customization.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, the Cuddle Snug Custom Gun Carrying System offers peace of mind and enhanced firearm protection for your DU-HA Humpstor or All-Terrain. Elevate your storage experience and keep your guns secure during every adventure.

Notes: Only fits part #70800, #70801, and #70820

  • Secure Firearm Storage: Holds 2 rifles with scopes, two shotguns, or 1 AR style rifle securely in your DU-HA Humpstor or All-Terrain
  • Protective Materials: Made from soft material so it won't damage your guns
  • Adjustable Foam Scope Protectors: Comes with 2 piece gun rack & adjustable foam scope protectors
  • Extra Protection: Foam piece compresses the guns when the lid is closed for extra protection
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA



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