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Newly Designed DU-Hooky - Extendable Reaching Tool

The DU-Hooky is an extendable reaching tool made for retrieving items from pickup truck beds and reaching items around the house and shop. Instead of climbing into your truck bed, stand behind your tailgate and reach any items that have slid too far forward using the DU-Hooky.

This video is depicting the old design.


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Newly Designed Du-Hooky Part #70099

The extendable DU-Hooky makes it easier than ever to reach and
retrieve items from the back of your pickup bed or the back of your

Can’t reach something in the back of your pickup bed or SUV? Don’t like climbing into the bed to retrieve hard-to-reach items?
The DU-HA DU-Hooky is the answer to retrieving those hard-to-reach items. A stout, cleverly designed “reaching tool”, DU-Hooky extends from 44" to 78" with the quick twist of the handle. A unique positionable tip is designed to hook virtually any item allowing you to use DU-Hooky on just about anything large or very small. It also slides through bed liner grooves.

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Can also be used for cleaning rain gutters, retrieving duck decoys, landing boats, and anything else you can't quite reach.

Includes a 1-year warranty on the DU-Hooky and a lifetime warranty on the yellow tip.

DU-Hooky U.S. Pat. No. 7,780,210


Product Details

DU-Hooky works great under toppers, tonneaus, and lids. It’s
made of corrosion-resistant aluminum so it’s lightweight. And,
it comes with a mount to keep it readily accessible in the back
of your truck.


Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Dimensions: approximately 44" not extended 78" Extended

Total weight: 3 lbs

Part #70099



  • Approx. 44" when not extended — Extends to approximately 78"

  • Fits all bed lengths and works on all types of beds and bedliners

  • Easy access under toppers, tonneaus, and lids

  • Super tough yellow tip can be re-positioned at different angles for hooking a variety of items

  • Available ice
    scraper screws
    on the end
  • Available brush
    clips on the top
  • Easily mounts in your pickup bed

  • Unlimited uses – works great for anything you can’t quite reach!

  • Bottom of handle twists
    off to reveal a threaded
    connector for attaching any
    item with a female connector

  • Includes hardware
    to mount the DU-Hooky
    in your truck bed for
    easy, convenient access

  Du-Hooky Du-Hooky With Brush On With SUV  

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