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DU-HA DU-Hooky Brush/Broom Attachment #70086

Upgrade your DU-Hooky with the Broom/Brush Attachment for versatile cleaning and maintenance. Effortlessly sweep away debris or scrub surfaces with ease, enhancing the functionality of your DU-Hooky.

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Elevate the functionality of your DU-Hooky with the Broom/Brush Attachment, a must-have accessory for versatile cleaning and maintenance tasks. This innovative attachment transforms your DU-Hooky into a multi-purpose tool, allowing you to effortlessly sweep away debris or scrub surfaces in the back of your pickup bed, SUV, or van.

Designed for compatibility with the DU-Hooky's unique structure, the Broom/Brush Attachment provides a secure and easy-to-use connection, ensuring stability during use. The bristle brush and durable broom enable effective cleaning, making it ideal for various applications, from clearing dirt and leaves to scrubbing surfaces for a pristine finish.

Whether you're a contractor keeping your work vehicle clean or an outdoor enthusiast maintaining your gear, this attachment adds a new dimension to your DU-Hooky. Expand the capabilities of your DU-Hooky with the Broom/Brush Attachment, making it a versatile tool for both reaching and cleaning needs.

Note: This is an attachment for the DU-Hooky (part #70099). The DU-Hooky is not included. This is ONLY the broom.

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  • Extendable Reach: The DU-Hooky is approximately 44 inches not extended; 78 inches extended. Making this one of the larger handheld brooms available.

  • Compatibility: Stable DU-Hooky frame along with the secure connection makes for a strong and reliable brush/broom

  • Removable: Easily removable to meet your various needs and tasks

  • Great for Brushing Snow Off of Your Vehicle

  • Doubles as a Shop Broom

  Brush No Background Brush in use with pickup Broom in use floor BRush in use snow  


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