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DU-HA® is built to last and it fastens in place, so it will not slide around

Like premium coolers and high-performance kayaks, DU-HA storage devices are rotomolded out of a heavy-duty polyethylene. So, you know they are long lasting and really tough. DU-HAs fasten down to hold the container in place.

New for 2019! Lockbox– lockable Also from DU-HA... underseat storage!

Finally! Underseat storage with a lockable lid!

You asked for it and we made it! The new DU-HA Lockbox features a lockable lid that adds that extra element of security under your seat!

  • Dual integrated/keyed locks for maximum security
  • Make/model specific fit, not one-size-fits-all
  • Locks your firearms/valuables and stores them out of sight under your seat
  • Qualifies as a gun case in most states
  • Mounting hardware is internal to the Lockbox, so it stays secured to the vehicle when the lid is locked

DU-HA also doubles as storage for your long guns

A DU-HA can store two to four shotguns or rifles (depending on DU-HA model). The vertical dividers are recessed to hold firearms upright, accessible from the driver’s or passenger side. In most states, DU-HA is considered a legal gun case* (with seats in the proper down position), making DU-HA even more convenient. When you store your guns underseat in your DU-HA, nobody can see your guns (or any gun cases) by looking in through the truck windows. DU-HA even makes locking kits for select pickup models so your guns are safe even if someone gets into your truck!



The original Down Underseat-Holding Apparatus!

Seven reasons why you’ll want a DU-HA under seat storage product and not a copycat.


1. DU-HA is the original!

DU-HA has been making under seat storage devices since 2003. We make them for virtually every pickup brand and offer products for trucks made as early as 1988 on some models.

Competitors have taken notice and are trying to take a piece of the market we created. But beware, their products are absolutely not the same!

2. Roto-molded vs. thermoformed

All DU-HA storage products are roto-molded. This is the same process used to make premium coolers and high-performance kayaks!

Our competition makes their under seat storage products using thermoforming which, not surprisingly, is the same process used to make floor mats. Thermoformed products are simply not as strong or as durable.

3. Won’t flex or curl

A DU-HA roto-molded storage product is extremely strong and sturdy. It’s custom fit to your truck model and will never lose its shape or begin to curl.

Beware of the thermoformed storage devices made by the competition. They twist and flex and will potentially curl over time.

4. Up to 1.5 times more storage space (no double wall)

Because their thermo-formed products lack the strength of a roto-molded product, the competition has been forced to add structural stability by using double walls. The truth is, even with double walls, their products are not as strong. The double wall design eats up valuable storage space! DU-HA Underseat Storage has 1.25 to 1.5 times the carrying capacity of the competition (depending on make and model).

Our competitors use double walls to add stability which eats up valuable storage space.

5. Real dividers (can even hold long guns)

Every DU-HA underseat storage product comes with removable custom dividers that keep your gear separated and organized but also serves as gun racks where you can literally store your long guns to keep them out of sight. In fact, a DU-HA storage device qualifies as a gun case in many states. This divider can also hold fishing rods, golf clubs or the like. The competitors’ dividers don’t even compare!

The dividers in a DU-HA double as gun holders making DU-HA a legal gun case in many states!

6. Lockable storage

Unlike our competitors, we also make a version of the DU-HA underseat storage device with a lockable lid, which adds another level of security for storing your firearms and other valuables!


7. Available in colors to match interior

Most DU-HA storage devices come in several colors specifically to match your truck interior. This also makes the device less conspicuous to would-be thieves. The competition is available only in black.


Turns dead space into a storage place

What's in your truck?

What’s in your truck?

If you are like most, the answer is, "plenty!"

Our pickup trucks are our home-away-from-home, our traveling closet, tool chest, and sporting goods store rolled up in one. We have gear stashed or sitting wherever we can; gear such as flashlights, maps, knives, hitches, first aid kits, gloves, rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, caps, tool kits, jumper cables, tow straps, tire kits, and more.

Now there is a way to conveniently store all of your gear in one easy-to-access storage device that occupies the totally underutilized dead space under your back seat; it’s called DU-HA, and it will change the way you operate.


DU-HA® turns underseat dead space into convenient storage space

DU-HA is the world’s first storage product designed to fit conveniently out of the way, under the back seat of your pickup. Now you can store all of your necessities neatly under your back seat where they are organized, protected, and out of sight. DU-HA comes with removable dividers, which allow you to compartmentalize your gear as well. Access to your DU-HA is easy: just lift your seat and all your gear is organized and easily within reach.

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What’s a DU-HA?

DU-HA, Inc. was founded in 2003 in Fergus Falls, MN, after Dan Ouren, a car salesman of 25 years, came up with a great idea. Dan saw the need to organize items placed under the rear seat of his pickup truck and asked good friend and engineer, Dennis Tuel, Jr. to join him on a business venture to create such storage containers.

Dan and Dennis knew they needed to select a brand name. They wanted something “catchy”, a name people would remember. When they heard friends using the term “DU-HA” to describe just about anything, similar to the terms “whatchamacallit”, “doohickey”, or “doodad”, Dan and Dennis knew that was what they wanted to call their storage container brand.

Eventually, tired of not having a simple answer when asked what DU-HA meant, they came up with “Down Underseat-Holding Apparatus” to fit the letters. They had a product and a name and they were on their way!

Today, DU-HAs are available for all of the major truck makes and models, and the company continues to develop new and innovative automotive accessories that are sold around the world.


Available for most every pickup brand and model

Make no mistake, DU-HA is not a one-size fits- all, low-budget storage container; not even close. DU-HA makes a custom-fit storage device that is precisely measured to perfectly-fit most popular pickup models around, and maximizes the available storage area. All you need to know is the make, model and year of your pickup. Not only that, but DU-HA storage devices come in colors specifically made to match the interior colors of your truck!

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The DU-HA Smarter Storage Guarantee

If your DU-HA pickup storage doesn’t better organize your pickup, we will buy it back, no questions asked!