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Once you use a DU-HA® Underseat storage device, you’ll wonder where in the world all of your gear used to go!

We’ve all tried to store the gear we keep in our truck – in the console, in seat-back pockets, in after-market organizers or thrown under or behind the seat. Yet, we never seem to have enough storage room and we are never fully organized.

That’s why we made the DU-HA Underseat storage device. The true genius behind a DU-HA is that you get ample storage room (and a place for your guns) without using up usable space. DU-HA fits in that dead space under your seat.

Dead space that is both out-of-sight yet easy to access.

DU-HA’s are made for the make and model of your truck so the fit is perfect. This also maximizes available storage area.

And, a DU-HA is easy to install. You simply lift the rear seat, slide it in and fasten it in place! After using a DU-HA Underseat storage device, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!


  • Stores your gear in a single easy-access, out-of-sight place so you’ll always know where it is
  • Make/model-specific fit, not one size fits all
  • Includes dividers that also double as gun racks and holds guns upright; a legal gun case in most states
  • Easy installation with fasteners (included); installs in minutes, no tools required
  • Roto-molded construction of heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Available in colors that match pickup interior
  • Size varies based on truck make/model
  • Satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty
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  1. Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab/Crew Cab - 02-23
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  2. Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Quad Cab/Crew Cab - 03-23
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  3. RAM 1500  Crew Cab - 2019 -2023 - w/Lockable Lid - Black -10.53%
    RAM 1500 Crew Cab - 2019 -2023 - w/Lockable Lid - Black
    Now Only $339.95 Regular Price $379.95
  4. Ram 1500 Crew Cab - 19-23
    As low as $189.95
  5. Ram 1500 Quad Cab - 2019-23
    As low as $189.95

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The DU-HA Smarter Storage Guarantee

If your DU-HA pickup storage doesn’t better organize your pickup, we will buy it back, no questions asked!